Friday, February 5, 2010

Why are my nails so brittle?

Can anyone tell me how to grow long strong beutiful nails?Why are my nails so brittle?
I believe a person's finger nails are dependent upon their genetics. However, I own this nail ';kit,'; if you will, that helps keep your nails strong and supposedly aids in the growth. It's by Sally Hansen and I got it at a local food market (Stop %26amp; Shop). I can't find it online.. but I found something similar which works just as well.

It's called:


It retails for about $7 or $8.Why are my nails so brittle?
eat right. take care of your nails by eating protein, jello actually helps them and your hair.(Eating it not wearing it!) try sally Hansen's products also like the tough as nails clear polish and nail strengthener.

brittle dry nails are usually a sign your diet is out of whack or exposure to harsh chemicals, but not always.
try some nail care tips on this site
brittle nails and grow my nails faster and stronger鈥?/a>
some people have weak nails. Try OPI's Nail Envy for brittle nails. It's a bit high, but awesome stuff. HTH鈥?/a>
special nail polish
drink gelatin. you can find it near the jell-o. also drink milk and eat healthier foods. stay away from fried foods.
take your vitamins everyday! 1 of the B-vitamins is particularly helpful, but I'd suggest either 1. vitamins specifically for your nails (usually say hair, skin, and nails or something along the line on it, and can be bought at pretty much any drugstore, some dollar stores, and drug mart), or 2. take a multi-vitamin (i.e., ';one a day'; etc). also, i've been told that pre-natal vitamins r great, even if you're not pregnant, for hair and nails, but i've never tried this so i can't guarentee anything.
Nutritional issues is the main reason.

Keep your nails trimmed med-short while you get healthy, apply some moisture at night, wear cotton gloves and massage in lotion.
Don't Bit Them, If you Do, There iz also Nail Polishes too.
If you want long nails, dont cut them, when you file them they will grow back faster. As for getting stronger nails I put a coat of clear nailpolish on my nails so that they are not as brittle.
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